Life By You: Latest Update Gives A Look At Jobs

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Life By You: Latest Update Gives A Look At Jobs

Development for the game “Life by You” is currently taking place in Paradox Tectonic, with the team providing an insightful glimpse into how jobs will function in the game during the Future Games Show showcase on Saturday.

A gameplay video was released, presenting players with a snapshot of the in-game working life. The clip featured a barista named Harli Sousa, ascending through her daily routine. Players observe as Harli commutes to the coffee shops where she works, before embarking on a variety of tasks that are delegated to her throughout the day.

“Life by You” will not restrict its players to barista jobs, it is set to offer a plethora of both blue- and white-collar job roles to select from. The game aims to cater to as many players’ interests as possible. However, if none of the available careers appeal to your taste, the game offers an innovative feature allowing players to establish and customize their own careers and job roles. This means the range of possible career paths within the game is limited only by your imagination.

The game developers at Paradox Tectonic are aiming to deliver a “fully moddable” life simulator experience with “Life by You”. This means players will be empowered to modify their gaming experience to their own liking. Furthermore, the game boasts “no loading screens”, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for the players.

One of the impressive features of “Life by You” is its creator tools and editors. This toolset gives players the chance to get hands-on with the same tools that the game development team uses. “The creator tools, as well as editors, that you’ll be able to play with in our game, will allow you to get your hands on the same game tool that our game team is using to actually make the game in order to make your own UGC and mods,” explained King Choi, Paradox Tectonic’s Director of Marketing, during the showcase.

All these details hint at the open and inclusive nature of the game. “Life by You” seemingly strives to give the player as much control as possible over their gaming experience, from creating their own career path to modifying elements of gameplay.

For those excited by this promising and flexible life simulator, “Life by You” is anticipated to launch on Steam’s early access on September 12. Players can thus look forward to trying out this immersive and innovative game quite soon.

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