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Life By You: Trailers

As a part of Paradox Interactive’s show, the Life by You teaser trailer made its debut, which also announced the upcoming dedicated event for the simulation game. This brief clip seamlessly combines in-game footage with various UI elements. Despite its brevity, the trailer offers a plethora of details to uncover.

The trailer commences with a panoramic view of a verdant environment featuring two individuals hiking and practicing yoga, offering a glimpse into the world of Life by You. As the teaser progresses, a variety of realistic locations are explored from a bird’s eye view, including a town center with a shop and bus stop, residential suburbs, and a beach complete with watersports equipment and relaxed beachgoers. With the trees swaying in the wind and the waves gently lapping the shore, Humble and their team have created an environment in Life by You that accurately replicates the real world.

Later in the trailer, several vehicles can be seen driving around, including a vibrant pink car that zooms through the town center. A bus and various motorcycles are also visible, indicating that players may have a selection of vehicles to choose from when traveling between locations in Life by You.

In another swift transition, we are taken to a residence brimming with character interactions to analyze. On the top left side of the house, an adult character is seen watering plants while a child strolls by the stairs. However, the most significant detail is the sight of two characters embracing, encircled by love heart motifs. This implies that Life by You may incorporate in-game relationship mechanics akin to those found in The Sims.

In a later part of the trailer, we witness a character washing or fixing a microwave-like kitchen appliance, indicating that households in Life by You will offer numerous interactable tools for simulated characters to tinker with.

The most intriguing segment of the trailer offers a glimpse into Life by You’s user interface. The exterior of a family home undergoes quick renovations, with a budget visible in the top right corner. On the side of the screen, there are several building icons, such as a ‘floor plan’ node and symbols representing stairs, chairs, doors, windows, fences, roofs, and more. It appears that players will be able to click on various features of a house to modify them and move between floors to decorate and alter it to their liking.

The unveiling trailer for Life by You, featured during the announcement event, showcases a vast open-world where different characters live out their daily lives, from mundane household chores like cooking and laundry to romantic encounters and discovering treasures on the beach. The world of Life by You seems to offer endless possibilities.

In addition, the trailer showcases several shops that players can both frequent and operate themselves. It also provides a glimpse of various creator tools such as the Human Creator, Lot Creator, Town Creator, and more. One of the significant departures from its Sims equivalent is the option to assume direct control of your characters, allowing for a more intimate and engaging experience rather than directing them from a top-down perspective.

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  1. mrazgrass says:

    The trailer here looks rough as hell, but honestly, this is the first time we’ve seen a decent chance of getting a The Sims competitor in a while. All the other ones we’ve seen before don’t have a name like Paradox backing them up. The Sims could definitely use some healthy competition.

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